Funeral Merchandise

CASKETS: We offer many casket options at the Simcoe Funeral Home, for a variety of needs:

  • The most basic cremation option of a cardboard with a reinforced base
  • Rental casket for the families that wish to have a service prior to cremation
  • Wood Caskets -Solid wood or wood veneer for burial or cremation
  • Metal caskets 18 gauge or 20 gauge for burial                                                           

OUTER CONTAINERS: A family may choose to have an outer container placed at the cemetery to protect the casket from going directly into the grave. Outer containers protect and delay the onset of the environmental elements of the grave. There are several types of burial crypts/vaults available, each giving a different level of protection.

URNS: A family may choose an urn to hold the cremated remains of a loved one.  Urns are constructed of many different materials, such as wood, metal, marble, brass and ceramic.  Smaller urns (called Keepsake Urns) are also an option if a family wishes to divide the ashes into smaller portions.  We also have a large selection of cremation jewellery available in which a small amount of ashes can be placed.

All merchandise pricing is based on the type of construction of product chosen, please contact the Simcoe Funeral Home to discuss the many options available.